Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is Food Combining Real Science?


Have you heard of "food combining"? The basic concept is not to mix carbohydrates with proteins or fats as they interfere with each other during digestion.
I have always had digestive issues in spite of the fact I am a light eater and stay clear of big fatty meals.  Even as a kid, a burger or plate of meat and potatoes left my belly bloated for hours.
I have tried all kinds of digestive supplements to see if I was intolerant, but nothing helped.
Then it dawned on me that maybe it wasnt the food it was the mixture of foods I was eating. I for example I can eat a bagel no problem but ad bacon and egg and I bloat. Chicken ceasar salads are no problem but add croutons-you get it.  I google this and its called food combining.  I mentioned this to my doctor and he thinks its quackery. It also doesnt seem to be as mainstream as the other food fads. Your thoughts appreciated! -- Tony G.

Dear Tony,
Yes, I agree with your doctor. This bogus myth has been around for a hundred years, yet people have been eating sandwiches for decades! There is nothing in our physiology that prevents combining any foods together. The hormones and enzymes in our stomach and small intestine respond to each type of food (carbohydrates, fats, or protein) regardless of other types entering the digestive system at the same time.
There is a chance you have some type of digestive intolerance and it may be to gluten or it may be to fats... or it may just be that adding another food results in too much volume for you to comfortably digest at one time.
Try eating whatever you like in smaller portions (like 1/2 bagel with bacon and egg) and see if this helps!

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