Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Supplements To Improve My Health

It's really hard to eat right these days so I bought some one a day vita craves and some ensure(Immun Balance, complete balanced nutrition). I was wondering if those two products could help me nutrition wise when taken with my regular meals? Or is it not a big influence in my nutrition? My major in college is Health and wellness. I love the body and doing physical activity. I think eating healthy is such a big part though. That is why I try to eat good. Thank you for your time. --Joe G.

Dear Joe,

That's great that you are trying to eat right, especially considering your major! You might want to focus on how you can eat better so you'll be able to share this experience with your clients in the future. Interesting that you point out how difficult it is -- if you can figure out what your difficulties are in eating healthy and how to overcome them, you will be a huge help to those with whom you work in the future.

Meanwhile, the vita craves look like a good choice, since a serving (2 gummies) provides just about 100% of most of the daily values for many vitamins and minerals--you don't want to aim for more than 100% of what you need... that would be like pouring extra oil into your car and hoping it will run better!

Also, consider that your intake of calcium is not met through a supplement, nor is fiber, nor protein, and probably lots of other micronutrients we may not even fully understand yet. So, eating well is of utmost importance and these vitamin supplements can act as a safety net when our diets aren't so great.

The ensure is really more aimed at elderly people who cannot eat enough food. Some people just are too sick to eat or need many more calories than they can manage to swallow, so they are supported by 3, 4 or even 8 cans of these drinks per day with minimal intake of regular food.

A supplement I think may be better suited for you is Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink. Especially if you aren't overweight, this drink provides 250 calories (if you mix it in whole milk), vitamins and minerals; you get protein and calcium from the milk; and it's much less expensive and more tasty than many of the pharmaceutical canned drinks.

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  1. Helpful Blog.

    If I could just start by not eating Chocolate Chip cookies, I'd be proud of myself!