Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do I Drink Too Much Iced Tea?

Hello, I found your blog through Google and was wondering if you can tell me if it's bad for my health if all liquid which I consume through the day consists entirely of iced tea. Greg S.

Dear Greg,

That depends on a lot of other things. Chances are you can maintain your hydration adequately with just drinking tea (instead of water), which I believe is what you wanted to find out.

But you may be consuming a high amount of something that is not healthy for you in large amounts, depending on how much tea you are drinking and if you have any present health conditions: too much caffeine (which can affect your blood pressure, and urinary frequency), too much oxalate (potentially harmful if you're at risk for developing kidney stones); too much sugar and calories if it's sweetened or too much artificial sweetener if it's diet!

Everything in moderation is a good rule to follow .... consider replacing one or two glasses of your tea with another beverage once in a while, like juice or milk, which provide valuable nutrients ... or just plain water!

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  1. Well I too beleive that everything in moderation is a good rule to follow. Too much tea can cause problems due to too much caffeine.