Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Are Some Good Protein Foods for Vegetarians?

I need help planning healthy vegetarian meals. I don't eat cheese because it gives me migraines, and beans give me lots of gas, even if I use beano. I don't really know what to do with tofu? -- Mary S.

Dear Mary,
For vegetarians to get good sources of protein, the meal should include a combination of foods that will provide all 9 essential amino acids. The easy rule for this is to mix two of the following three food groups: vegetables, grains, and dried beans/nuts.

Now, you've already said you can't do the beans, so finding ways to combine vegetables and starches would be your best option. For example, tomato sauce and pasta, rice with stir-fry vegetables, corn tortilla filled with salsa and guacamole, or rice and peas are ways to combine these: and a peanut butter sandwich is another combination that works! Other less-frequently used grains include cous cous, and quinoa (the latter of which is an excellent source of protein).

Consider making an omelet for dinner sometime, with veggies inside (although the egg white is already a complete protein source).

Try soy cheeses if the dairy might be what triggers your migraines.

And, finally, there are loads of great veggie-burgers out there already made with soy or other good protein sources, so you don't have to process and cook tofu meals: You've probably seen the veggie patties, burgers, sausages, etc. which are made to give vegetarians similar options as meat eaters without using any animal products. My favorite brand is Quorn: they have 'chicken' nuggets and cutlets, 'beef' patties, 'turkey' roasts and more! The vegetable protein is made from mushrooms and these are the best fake meats I've ever tasted (and I'm not a vegetarian!)

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