Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is The Acai Berry Flush Good?

I have heard that doing the Acai berry flush is a good way to jump start your system. Is it safe? --Yolanda H.

Dear Yolanda,

The acai berry, which grows in South American, acquired a great reputation several years ago for being a superfruit. It is loaded with antioxidants which are known to have health benefits such as keeping cells healthy. However, above and beyond the fact that it contains these compounds, nothing else has been proven about the effects of ingesting acai berries, or their products.

The berry itself is prohibited from being imported into this country, as are many foreign fruits. So the powders and teas and extracts are what we find in over-the-counter supplements here in the states. Some of these products tout weight loss benefits, cleansing benefits, or amazing effects of keeping you youthful.

Since these powders and extracts are neither foods nor drugs they aren't overseen by the FDA, the government agency that controls drugs and additives to protect us from harm.
What I can tell you is that the FDA has approved no uses for acai berry products.

What is referred to as 'cleansing' is usually simply the use of a harsh laxative that purges your intestines of fluid and can be uncomfortable, if not dangerous; this includes the side effects of dehydration. There is no physical reason anyone needs to be 'cleansed', nor does this process contribute to helping with weight loss--other than to show a lower number on the scale for a few hours after you have excreted many ounces of water until you have replenished your system.

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