Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 Year Old Visiting A Dietitian For Weight Loss

Hi, next week I will be seeing a dietitian and I was wondering if you could answer these questions for me.
1. I 'm 5'1" tall and weigh 133# and I'm 13 yrs old, could I lose 25 pounds?
2.Could a dietitian tell me how much weight I can lose and where I can lose it?
3. Could a dietitian tell me accurately what body shape I could have if I lost that weight (hour-glass, cello)?
4. Could I tell a dietitian prescribe a pill to me that will help weight loss without telling my mom how much weight I want to lose (e.g. if I want to lose 2 pounds a week could a dietitian prescribe a pill that will do that and not tell my mom that I will lose 2 pounds a week?)
5. This is my first time going to a dietitian so could you please tell me pretty much whats going to happen (what questions will be asked) Thanks, Marie

Dear Marie,
How exciting to get to see a dietitian at the tender age of 13!

First of all, dietitians are not able to prescribe any type of pills; he or she will only be talking with you. Pills are an easy way to lose weight without changing your diet habits--and in reality there aren't any safe ones that work, especially in the long run. There are prescriptions for weight loss but they must be ordered by a doctor are are saved for extreme cases where the risks will be outweighed by the benefits... you are not at a weight where your health is suffering from it (and that is a good thing!)

A dietitian will ask you what your goals are (and you might be able to lose 25 pounds but it will be at a pace more like one pound a week, and maybe a bit less); how you normally eat (so starting to keep a food diary now will be a big help for you both); and then help you figure out a plan to eat fewer calories and burn more through being more active so you can lose the weight you want.

It's likely your mother will be with you, since usually 13 year-olds do not purchase and prepare all their own foods. The dietitian will help guide you and your mother on how to read food labels, decide what foods are better options to purchase than others, use lower fat cooking techniques, and choose healthy snacks. You all may talk about eating out in restaurants or making a healthy lunch to bring to school--it depends on your priorities and how much time you have in the appointment.

No one can tell where on your body your weight will come off or what your body will look like then... everyone one's body is so different.

You may find that you are happy weighing 112 pounds, since you don't know what you will look like or feel like when you get there. It's best to focus on developing healthy exercise and eating habits, and getting a balance of foods in your diet. Enjoy your newfound nutrition education, and know that you will maintain the weight you like when you get there without having to go on diets for the rest of your life ;)

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