Monday, January 25, 2010

Is There a Diet to Lower My Triglycerides?

My doctor just advised me my triglyceride levels are elevated, although not bad enough yet to warrant  medince. I have been taking fish oil for a while now.  Are there any particular foods that I should be eating or avoiding to lower them?  Joy

Dear Joy,

Triglycerides are the intermediate product of carbohydrate and sugar absorption. When you eat pasta, bread, sweets, and other carbohydrate foods these yield calories. As your body decides what to do with these calories--use them for energy, or store them as fat for later use--they travel through the bloodstream in the form of triglycerides. This means that if you get your blood tested without fasting the levels will be higher because they are still circulating after a meal. So when your doctor says "don't eat breakfast before your blood test" it is because the test results will be significantly affected.

People who are overweight tend to have higher circulating levels of triglycerides, so weight loss will help.
I would never suggest avoiding carbohydrate foods, but certainly limiting them to a reasonable two or three servings per meal. Piles of pasta, donuts and other pastries, sugary beverages and even large amounts of fruit juice can keep triglyceride levels high (above 140 mg/dL).  Limit sweets and alcohol, and focus on whole grains which can slow sugar absorption.

Fish oils are also proven to help. Eating fish is the best way! Taking more than 1000 mg (usually found in one fish oil pill) should not be done without a physician's consultation. High levels of fish oil can affect blood clotting and lead to stroke.

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