Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Should I Take an Iron Supplement?

I've heard that Iron is good for improving memory and mental sharpness. Is that true? Is iron available as a suppliment, and if so are there any dangers involved with taking it? I would assume it would be much safer without the red meat tied in with it?  --Nick T.

Dear Nick,

I have not heard that iron has any effect on memory or mental function.

Iron is available as a supplement. Men need about 10 mg per day, and it is rare to see iron deficiencies in men. Be sure to check the label of a supplement you choose to be sure it isn't more than 100% of the RDA. The tolerable upper limit for males is 45 mg.

Taking more than you need does have potential side effects. Iron can build up in the body and deposit in the organs, causing organ failure. There are no symptoms to warn of this condition until damage has occurred. Therefore, I would recommend speaking with your physician before taking an iron supplement.

If you would rather avoid the cholesterol and saturated fats in red meat, other good sources of iron are turkey, dried beans, and fortified breakfast cereals.

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