Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is Orange Juice Fattening?

I was wondering if 100% fresh squeezed orange juice is going to slow my weight loss on my diet?  Chris. R.

Dear Chris,

There is no one food that's going to blow a diet. It totally depends on the sum of the foods you eat, and the portions are also quite important.
Orange juice has about 11 calories per ounce, so a 6-ounce glass in the morning will be a valuable contribution for your daily intake of vitamin C, folic acid, and other nutrients. I would definitely put orange juice just about last on my list for giving up on a diet. However, do keep in mind that drinking four 12-ounce glasses a day is another story!

Foods that will really hamper your weight loss efforts are those high in sugar and fat: donuts, pies, ice cream, soda, fried foods--these I would give up for a diet because you aren't missing out on anything that's very good for you by avoiding these, but you are giving up a tremendous number of calories.

Good luck!  And for more information on a healthy and well-balanced diet during weight loss I always like the food guide pyramid site for their wealth of information.

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