Friday, July 19, 2013

Can I Make My Own Vitamin Water?

I was wondering if there was any good way to add vitamins into water as that they would be effective, but never overdose the person no matter how much they drink? I don't like drinking so much of the brand name vitamin water because of the artifical colors and flavors. But I'd like to be able to ingest vitamins every time I consume water throughout the day. Preferably without noticable flavor. 
Thank You, Peter M.

Hi Peter,

I don't know of a way to gauge how much to put in a beverage so that you can't overdose no matter how much you drink. I suppose you could crush a daily multivitamin into a pitcher of water, estimating that you would drink that pitcherful during a day.

But after a certain amount of vitamin intake, even while the water-soluble (B and C)vitamins are not likely to be harmful, your body just can't use any more of them so it excretes the extra in your urine. You might notice after having something fortified with vitamins (like some breakfast cereals) you urine is almost a bright yellow--that is from the presence of B vitamins.

And you really don't have to add vitamins to make water healthy. There are all sorts of nutrients occurring naturally in beverages. Orange Juice provides vitamin C, and tea can provide antioxidants, for example. Think about just adding a splash of juice to flavor your water, or drink tea some of the time. There are over a hundred varieties of herbal teas and they can be enjoyed iced as well as hot.

With a balanced diet you can get all the vitamins you need from your food, so there's really no reason to consume extra in an artificially-fortified water.
But extra's hard to go wrong with just drinking plain water!



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