Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Breakfast Doesn't Fill Me Up

I have a question about breakfast. I usually have a slice of toast and a bowl of Fiber One cereal. The cereal has 14 grams of fiber, but I still don't feel full after eating. In general, cold cereals don't fill me--are there some hot cereals or hot dishes that might work?
Donna L.

Hi Donna,
Since you're eating basically all carbohydrates at breakfast, consider adding some protein and/or fat. These nutrients tend to stay in your stomach longer than carbs so it may help keep you full for longer.
Try peanut butter or cottage cheese on your toast, a slice of cheese, yogurt or an egg.
(If you're watching your weight you will have to eat about 75 - 150 calories fewer later in the day to keep your calorie level the same.)

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  1. I find that a generous serving of avocado on my toast in the morning keeps me fuller for longer!