Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Want to Try the Reboot Diet

I just watched the documentary with the Aussie who goes across the country on a fruit and vegetable juice fast with amazing results. I am an active 50-year old woman that hasn't really had a weight problem, but as I've aged--metabolism, menopause, etc--I've gained about 20 lbs and my clothes just don't fit like they use to. So I'm thinking of trying this Reboot diet plan. I think I could do it for 4 or 5 days at a time, but after that I'd be craving something to chew. Would it work to do it for several days on and off? And would I be missing important nutrients if I did it this way? It looks very healthy with all the leafy greens and all the fruits.

What do you advise before I break out the juicer?  Linda G.

Dear Linda,
Juice diets, fasts and cleanses have been around a long time. Most people find it easier to drink a prescribed diet and just ignore food altogether, rather than thinking, preparing, weighing, measuring, and trying to decide what to eat, which includes talking yourself out of that candy bar! That's why many liquid diets are successful, including the liquid protein drink diets (Optifast, Medifast, Slimfast) . . . for a while.
Think about what will happen after the fasting is over; typically, people go back to the way they were eating and gain back the weight.

The allure of these diets is they are easy to follow and show big results fast! Many people can lose 5 pounds or more in the first week. On the eat-healthy-and-exercise plan the results might just be one or 2 pounds a week. But the benefit of eating healthy and exercising is, it can become a lifestyle--unlike the juiced diet. And if you can change some of your eating  habits and activity level to take in fewer calories and burn more, you'll keep the weight off forever!

You probably won't suffer any nutritional deficiencies if you try the juicer diet for 4 or 5 days. It is low in protein, essential fats, and in the B vitamins found in starchy carbs that help you metabolize energy. A multivitamin/mineral supplement while you're on it wouldn't be a bad idea. But my advice?
Start keeping a food diary. There are many websites that help you do this (LiveStrong, FitDay and SparkPeople are just a few). Becoming more aware of mindless eating, empty calories (think soda, chips, and cookies), and eating out of boredom can help you change these habits. You'll likely find the few hundred calories that can be eliminated on most days, bringing you that pound-or-two-a-week weight loss. Then you won't have to go on any type of diet.... you'll just become a healthier eater and lose weight in the process!

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