Monday, November 21, 2011

Are Protein Bars What I Need to Build Muscle?

Hi. In the past I have eaten protein bars after a work out to build muscle. But I'm wondering how effective they are. It also seems like they have too much added fat and sugar. Is there another good source of protein, maybe even a can of beans, that would work just as well?
Kyle J.

Hi Kyle,
I agree with you about the protein bars having added fat and sugar. Some of their labels look strikingly similar to a candy bar! There is no 'magic' protein in these bars. It's the same protein whether you're enjoying a turkey sandwich or a bowl of beans and rice.
There are plenty of common and inexpensive sources of protein for you to get what you're looking for. In fact, most people only just need an extra 15 grams of protein a day in their diet to build muscle working out. You can find close to 10 grams of protein in a cup of milk (12 gm), an egg white (7 gm), an ounce of meat, fish, or poultry (about 7 gm), or 1/2 cup of most nuts or beans (watch out for the calorie density of the nuts, though!)

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