Sunday, November 8, 2009

What is the Oily Residue in My Cooking Pans?

If you cook with margarine in a pan, can there be margarine residues on the pan after washing? When I wipe the pan with some paper towels, there seem to be a slight staining.  -- Ben H.

Hi Ben,

Yes, there certainly can be some residue, especially if the pan is just rinsed and wiped. Oils need lots of soap to break up the molecules and allow them to rinse away.

The residue may be greater when using spray margarines and squeeze margarines, as well as some of the low-fat varieties of "buttery spread" because they have other products in them that contribute an oily feel, but are not the same as real oil in structure.  They mimic the taste well, but the consistency is a bit different and they may be reflected in what remains after cooking.  Some of the spray butters and light butters do tell you not to use for cooking, and I've been told they virtually melt into something resembling plastic when heated.

Also, when using a "non-stick" pan it is advised that you not coat the pan, especially not with a cooking spray.  The directions do say that leaves a residue.

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