Friday, August 21, 2009

Is There Vitamin E in Peanut Butter?

I just bought a jar of natural peanut butter and there was no vitamin E reported on the label--just peanuts and salt. Doesn't peanut butter have vitamin E in it? Jane E.

Hi Julie,
The average serving of peanut butter contains about 3 milligrams of vitamin E. It comes from the peanut oil in the peanuts, so you won't see it as an added ingredient.

According to food label laws, vitamin A and vitamin C are the only vitamins required to show content in the form of daily value. The nutrients chosen to be present on the label were those for which Americans had a higher likelihood of deficiency. Since we rarely see vitamin E deficient people, it is not deemed to be a health issue. Food labels are meant to inform as well as educate, and they provide information on nutrients that health care scientists believe people should be getting more of (iron, calcium, vitamin C) or less of (sodium, fat) than they usually do.

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