Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Can I Gain Weight?

I've being trying to gain weight for most of my life and have been unsuccessful. I have always been underweight and I'm finally gonna try another way of gaining. I've started to take whey protein and would like to know whether this will help me gain weight because when I read about whey protein it's used to lose weight. so basically I would like to know whether it will help me gain weight?

Dear Jeff,
The only way to gain weight is to eat more calories than you burn. I'm not sure how old you are when you say you've been trying to gain weight most of your life. Usually once people get into their late 20's they don't have that problem anymore: I don't believe it's as much an effect of physiology as it is lifestyle--when we're young we are often very active and even 'forget' to eat sometimes.
Whey protein does nothing magical to promote weight gain--it may contribute extra calories to your intake. Beware of consuming too much protein (more than a gram per pound of body weight) which could be stressful on your kidneys (which have to remove the unused nitrogen from your body--you can only use so much protein in a day!)

I have always recommended Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink as a supplement. You mix a package of powder with a glass of milk and--presto--nearly 250 calories added to your diet (depending on whether you use whole milk or low-fat). Do this twice a day and gain a pound a week.

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