Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Does any drink with no calories count as water?

Thanks for your question, Sarah B.!

The answer is "it depends who you ask". Some people believe your water intake must be pure water to count, because there are additives in other beverages that prevent you from being fully hydrated. Just today someone told me that the 'chemicals' in soda 'stay in your body and never leave'... not true, of course, but everyone has their own thoughts on this subject.

Recently I read an article in a medical journal that denounced the old theory that 'coffee doesn't count as water, because the caffeine contained in coffee acts as a diuretic". They have now apparently shown that the diuretic effect (which makes your kidneys eliminate more water) is not enough to counter the benefits of taking in the fluids while you're drinking the coffee.

So, yes, I believe that anything you drink counts as water--even beverages which contain calories, such as milk or juice-- because they put fluid in your system. Whether it's 8 cups of water versus 8 cups of soda definitely has an effect on your system in other ways, but as long as you drink plenty of 'fluids' you should remain well hydrated!

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  1. This is good to know; hubby doesn't care for the taste of water- but he will drink it if we put crystal light in it, so that's what we count as our water most days. Its nice to know that coffee & tea can count toward that too.

    What about carbonated water? Does that fall in more toward soda or water?

    btw, Jan 9th is 5 years that we met in person. (We met online 2 yrs prior, living in WA & OH) April 29th is our wedding anniversary- sorry about the confusion! :)